Text 240 316 8157 if you have sources on special project - what if black students designed their own "job creating and community regenerating" university - news from s.africa since 1999; from Kenya since 2007; from georgia since 2001; from bronx university since 2008; could obama yet include this in his league table of value universities

Sunday, March 6, 2016

as the story goes around 2000 historically black university colleges (HBUC) realised that little if any entrepreneur curriculum existed in their spaces, so they united around an annual student entrepreneur competition hosted annually out of georgia

things hotted up around 2011 when friends of muhammad yunus wanted to now what were the most sustainable contributions to communities that historically black university colleges could uniquely innovate

we tracked all the competitions held of this sort:

three of the most compelling ideas:
credit unions could partner rural hbuc; the students could develop their own financial literacy training; since most of the wealth around rural hbuc comes from the professors and any endowments from alumni , the saving flows of the credit union should put their money where their mouth is- ie in believing they are training students with growing livelihoods and capable of developing the region

university of district of columbia students desperately sought hubs that would bridge academia and livelihoods; in their words these hubs would be run by practitioners not academics; they would help students incubate and be affordable for any student entrepreneur- in a us wide survey of hubs it was concluded none were as student friendly as kenya's ihub or bransons jamaica hub associated with his extension of south africa's free university

the third type of solution deigned jobs that all university students could collaborate around- new hampshire came up with example of creating a business that recycled furniture and other stuff students buy and sell from end of each year to the start of the next; it was a model that hundreds of students at universities could get behind provided adminstrations got out of the way- since all the trade is student exchanged why not create jobs for students- a parallel idea emerged as an uber jobs agency run by and for students

unfortunately even though the following prominent social forces in atlanta - ted turner family, jimmy carter family, martin luther king family, rosa parks lawyers backed a grand convergence for nov 2015 of all university entrants to be held in atlanta and celebrated by nobel peace laureates rome the rome awarded annual franchise (which had sadly ailed in 2014 to land on cape town to celebrate mandela's heritage due to a spif between the dhalai lama and the s.a gov - 2015 never happened either

-the idea had been start up a khan academy type platform of job creating training modules learnt from 15 years of black students exchanges on entrepreneurship and empowering development of their own communities

 the questoin of whom ruined this greatest chance for  black students designing their own university remains under investigation- nov 2015 would have been very timely coming 2 months after launch of un sustainability goals and especially goal 11 sustainability communities and youth's impact .-remember it was the turner family that had pumped a billion dollars into un foundation aimed at making un actionably simple to partner better futures or humanity with

another worrying incident - in 2008 clinton global was used to promote obama yes youth can campaign - which he then proceeded not to empower youth with- watch april 1 clinton university on bereley and its start of the un year clinton global in september or any repeat pea promises

Saturday, March 5, 2016

In britain the main restaurant guide used to be complied by consumers- since 2006 mostofa and I would like to see a hubs guide rated by youth starting in dc-baltimore region- suspect that hubs much more relevant to sustainable supercities job creation than any university socialuniversities.com?   -after 8 years of not fixing any broken system the one legacy obama could value is letting his value ranking of universities be analysed by students-anyone know where in the department of education that is controlled?

the problem of a hub like any association (network of networs) is that its dna (or reality of higher purspoes) gets formed by its first members - wanted to see newish san diego hub open spaced early on

chris  240 316 8157  http://globalgrameen.ning.com 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

POP curricula 10/10

POP curricula 10/10

grand masters pope francis, gustavo gutierrez

impact since 1968 this curricula has been soul of poverty museum most exciting races by every barefoot professional- in 1968 Gutierrez started publishing faith versions (aka liberation theology); paulo freire chartered pop-style practices for education; in 1972 freire's practices became core organising belief of all bangladesh's networks designed to empower village mothers to end poverty; from 1982 paul farmer started integrating pop in medical exchnanges between world most resourced teaching hospitals and poorest villages with no health service - beginning in haiti; joined from 1987 by jim kim and peru

since heading world bank jim kim has asked all young professionals to consider developing social movement #2030now bring pop to their profession

most basic elements of pop
live joyously with the poor
practice world class knowhow with them and obeserve system traps which may need you linkin other pop professions
advances in technology should always be prefentially app'd to poorest

the first and only world bank annaual meeting inspired by pop will be convened out of lima early october 2015; about 10 days earlier pope francis offers US Congress and UN a social masters class in POP; Francis is also asking catholics everywhere to advance green curricula; he is likely tio world tour soiuth americas 2016 including his nation of birth Argentina

Saturday, June 20, 2015

social business curricula 0/10 since june 2009

up to june 2009 this was one of the most exciting curricula- eg mathematically it audited the exact opposite of the least sustainable maths in the world- where the most powerful side in a value exchange extracts every quarter from ever other constituency

a german publicist took over the curricula in summer 2009- while he maximise fund raising and minimises open learning content, this curricula is best avoided

transparency declaration
we note this even though our family made a large social business investment in journal of social business- this being an apparent partnership wish of muhammad yunus and adam smith schilars at glasgow university; yunus subsequently told glasgow university that he could get more funds from one of glasgow's lowest ranked universities

others top have found their collaboration diverted
most of early french partners of yunus from 2005
most kenyan friends of yunus

for those wishing to understand how to celebrate 44 yeras of bangladesh's race to end policy- fortuately there is www.brac.net and www.women4empowerment.net

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

help us with this future jobs survey - thanks chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

A) name your state's/ country's 3 biggest export markets historically B) vote for its 3 biggest export markets 2015-2025 -
 for microcredit and leapfrogging micro-everything in didgital age go to egrameen.com or grameen.tv or fazleabed.com orwomen4empowerment.org
  • currently scotland's peoples' most valued answer to B)

  • scotland's answer free nursing colleges as scotland collaboration with open learning campus- additionally reforming scottish bbc to play mass connection role in millennials search for 30000 microfranchises; 
  • european youth's alternative cashless currency if scotland goes independent; 
  • cataloguing where sportings superstars want to give back by using their skills to create jobs in related community projects- a sporting version of fashion's F4D or music's singforhope 

technical note open learning campus seeks out partners in elearning satellites and in coursera type platforms who are not concerned with maintaining monopoly of students certification and trapping student in debts - instead they start with question what maximum 9 minute video can viralise most youth jobs skills- and in practice areas such as using which peer to peer youth teachers can contribute an optimal 9 minute video cf khan academy test version of this
whats happening to microcredit across continents of central and south america

with world microcreditsummit being hosted this week, its time to review some of the big questions

before mobile connectivity's new century - did this region scale even 1 microcredit that could have ranked with brac or grameen? in what ways were microcredit banking challenges differnt from grameen's crowded villages (in 20th C  bangaldesh village means no infrastruture (no phones no roads no on-grid energy, no running water) but often 3600 families lived close enough to each other for one grameen bank magaer to serve all if them barefoot!

eg the 2 most passionately led microcredits from informal conversations with sam daley harris were pro mujer and finca but they never reached the scale and in the case of finca it beauty was interning dc students to do do real local projects buts its actual mdoel had none of the sustainable depth of the original bangaldeshi microcredit

after mobile connectivity, every decent manual microcredit has faced its own transition contexts; apart from the famous brac and grameen even the most grounded coop models in asia didnt necesssarily get systems support in a digital age; meanwhile the first 1999 all digital transcations model in mf world - kenya's jamii bora which turned out to be the benchmark paradigm for urban slum youth banking was never tested in rest of southerern hemisphere in spite pf queen sofia's urgent plea to test it everywhere

then mexico became the infamous origin of ipo microcredit with ngos like accion pockeking hundreds of millions of dollars; and today we have a new alliance lobby group in dc fronting the smart campaign and formed by these partners Grameen Foundation, Accion FINCA, Freedom from Hunger,  USA, Opportunity International, Pro Mujer, VisionFund International, and Women’s World Banking.

Currently its headquartered out of accion's office in dc; its co-chaored by fonkoze haiti's former leader anne hastings and GF's Alex Counts http://microfinanceceoworkinggroup.org/?p=170

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

can dc become continent's pro-youth jobs meta-capital

what blog format could every social business competition capital's students share, and why urgent to socially mediate

some suggestions
register in this sort of format http://dcyouth10000.blogspot.com where first few letters indicate state or capital
joint question to map- how many of the first 10000 student compettion youth is your state going to collaboratively sustain ( http://yunus10000.com notes various youth ambassador projects that yunus first briefed bangladeshi villager mostofa zaman to diarise while they were both at Bali microcreditsummit and while he was publishing 10000 dvds to be given away to student SB clubs -back in dhaka mostofa arranges extreme sb tourism especially on energy, nursing colleges a number 1 british gift to world as per olympics opening, and in areas where japanese aid can help because of a different culture to western aid -arguably most practical social business book was published in japanese 2 months ago as a handbook for 12000 student competition tokyo is hosting 30 jan 2013)
what content could be in such a blog - please say above - in early stage of development- it aims to make all published competition entries pervasively linked -ie can we bring down degrees of separation between student teams until they are so well connected that faculty join in wherever they wish to see their state be a winner in social solutions and job creating education
economic challenge of our age- your place's future (growth or death) is not primarily about national debt (investment errors past generations have made) its abouth whether a place is investing in youth creating jobs with million times more collab tech than when man raced to the moon .If 21st C political systems were truly capable of choosing to invest in co-producing most exciting goals, all places could exponentially begin to win in a global village economy that is driven by borderless human productivity networks dynamics not mba's boxed in silos
Throughout human history only 2 innovations have caused a leap forward in the human lot all round planet - new ebergy and new technolgy where mediated so youth make more of their lifetime's job apps potential. Any so-caled economic guru who forgets this whoe truth is a phoney economist. To celebrate pro-youth economics we provided loans to yunus so that he could mail inaugural issue of journal of social business to 3000 leaders of his choice and we now aim to improve out future of heroes editorial board led by an astronaut and monica yunus www.singforhope.org - JOSB web ;ning with 50student competition entries

Some urgent TO DO'S for usyouth10000 to leverage unique opportunites and threats of being American in this young 21st C -Can we find a way so that youth competition networks linkin deeply with conscious capitalism networks that are epicentre at eghttp://www.wholeplanetfoundation.org (nutrition microcredits) and for other apps athttp://consciouscapitalism.org/ Can we linkin brilaint youth tech wizards -the 100 hbu universities that have been working on student competitions since 2000 have permissions to turn any society into a practice chalenge lab but have very few tech mentors. What would be a perfect student competition incubator/accelerator - see attached as what DC stuidents believe is missing to break down silos between the capitals universities, students and societies as labs.-advice welcome